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Coronavirus: This Isn’t A Zombie Apocalypse

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Write a ‘Life Insurance Letter’

How to think about life after death


My Sister Brought A Muslim To Dinner With My Modi Friendly Family

To put the Muslim community in a bad light has become the new normal in Hindu families.

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You Don’t Need To Double Down On Social Media Right Now

3 easy steps I’ve used to cut my usage almost completely

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How to Get Your Article Into a Publication in 7 Steps

Including my complete pitch template

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It’s Time to Take Folding Phones Seriously

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In 2020 I Want a Better Way to Read E-Books

My wish for a better device for reading and enjoying books.

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Apple’s Red Charity iPhone Is Mostly a Marketing Trick

These donations only account for a fraction of Apple’s profits


How I Averaged 25,000 Views per Article in the Last 3 Months

I didn’t depend on the world to discover my stories

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The 3 Life-Lessons From Steve Jobs That Will Change You Forever

Jobs started Apple in his parents’ garage when he was 20.

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I Voted Like a Hindu So Delhi Can Have Its Biryani & Eat It Too

Now the BJP can keep clinging to the results of the last two Lok Sabha elections to console themselves.

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Everyone Wants To Write, But No One Wants To Sell

Why you should regularly pitch your work as a writer

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If You Want to Write Better, Follow These 2 Rules From Anne Lamott

Keep your butt in the chair